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What REALLY Scares Women & Men

What’s up everybody? Have you ever wondered what really scares women and men? Well Jerry Lavigne Jr. is here to tell you. Hopefully you can relate and enjoy!

Wiz Khalifa – DayToday Series Finale

So it has come. Everyone’s favorite stoner is officially ending his popular vlog series DayToday. I gotta say I’m slightly disappointed, but all good things come to an end in order for more good things to begin. I’m posting the last 3 episodes which is split into 3 parts of his birthday celebration out in Las Vegas. Enjoy Taylors!!

-Boy Genius

Drake – Headlines (Official Video)

Check out October’s Own newest music video “Headlines!!”

Reckless Tortuga Presents Bad Friends: Bum Girlfriend

For those of you who know about Reckless Tortuga, nice!! As for others… smh. Anyway, here is a sketch providing one of the many definitions of a bad friend. Just some more comic relief. Enjoy!

Super Brotherly Love?! Mario & Luigi Get Real

YouTube comedy sensation Kain Carter depicts a “family moment” between Nintendo’s heroic plumber & his brother. I think s**t just got real!!