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Monday Mixtape Madness!! #1

What’s up music lovers?! This is a new section I done came up with called Monday Mixtape Madness (as you can see haha). This is how it works: every Monday I’m gonna do a short review of 3 mixtapes that have came out in the past week. Just to be clear, these will be my personal opinions so please don’t catch feelings if you disagree with me alright? Alright, cool. Let’s get started!

-Boy Genius

1st we have upcoming female r&b artist Jasmine Villegas. Her mixtape, “S(he) Be(Lie)ve(d)” (see the play on words there), was released Sept. 22. It’s pretty much a compilation of mixed emotions dealing with the male species (surprise! lol jp). Personally I think the whole mixtape is hot. She has a very melodious voice. Put that with some nice lyrics and a hot beat  and pow! You have a guaranteed banger. I’ll post the link to her website so you can hear it for yourself.

Suggested tracks:

So Silly ft. Tyga, Jealous, Just A Friend, Angel, Masquerade

Jasmine Villegas – S(he) Be(Lie)ve(d) mixtape



Next up: Taylor Gang’s Chevy Woods featuring Wiz Khalifa. “The Cookout”, which dropped Sept. 24, is exactly what you would bump… well, at a cookout haha. Real mellow. Something to vibe to. Despite 9 of the 11 songs featuring Wiz, Chevy holds his own. The lyrical content is classic TGOD ish. If you’re not already a fan of the style then it might be a little hard to get into it. Otherwise light one up, grab a plate and just chill.

Suggested tracks:

Napkins, The Cool, Down, Cassette, Aunts N Uncles

Chevy Woods ft. Wiz Khalifa – The Cookout mixtape

via HotNewHipHop



Last one of the day: Cali’s jerkin/rapping group The Ranger$. Members Day Day, Julian & Langston dropped “That Mixtape” earlier today. After listening to this, you won’t think of them as just dancers. They clearly show off their lyrical skills on this joint. They also have some tracks for the ladies. Don’t worry though devoted fans; they still have some bangers you can rock to in the club or at a house party.

Suggested tracks:

Take A Bow, She Coo With That, We In Here ft. Lil Twist,  She All On Me, Come On Baby

The Ranger$ – That Mixtape

via HotNewHipHop