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News: Nick Cannon Hospitalized?!

What’s good people? I’m back with some unfortunate news. According to GlobalGrind.com, it seems actor/businessman Nick Cannon was hospitalized earlier this week. His wife Mariah Carey revealed that it was due to mild kidney failure. The doctors said it was caused by dehydration and lack of body fluids. Pray that all is well with him and please remember to get some water and fluids in your body. It’s important to stay healthy especially with a busy schedule.

-Boy Genius


Meek Mill & Grand Hustle?

Yurp!! What’s good people? I just recently came across this story and found it very interesting. MMG artist Meek Mill was originally signed to T.I.’s Grand Hustle imprint back in ’08. However, due to the King’s ‘extended absences’, the deal did not work out the way either of them wanted to. For more details, click on the link below.

T.I. Discusses Meek Mill w/ Grand Hustle

via Billboard

A$AP Rocky Lands $3 Million Deal



A$AP Rocky Lands $3 Million Deal.

Lola Is Taylor Made

What’s up once again people? Now look at the title of this post and think about it for a minute… got anything? Well I guess I’ll just tell you. D.C. vixen-turned-rapper Lola Monroe (Angel Lola Luv before) is officially repping Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang… WHAT?! I honestly have to say this is one of the most surprising stories I’ve ever heard. I feel this could be a good move for her though. As a female rapper, she’s a bit underrated when compared to Nicki Minaj, who pretty much got it on lock at the moment. Signing with one of the biggest names in the game right now could further expand Lola’s audience and get her more recognition. I don’t know, we’re just going to have to wait and see about this. For more details click on the following link below!

-Boy Genius

Lola Monroe Signs With Wiz Khalifa\’s Taylor Gang

via HipHopDX

The King’s Back… For Real This Time

Yeah you read it right; the self-proclaimed King of the South is out of jail, no b.s. this time. T.I. has been released from the Arkansas prison and taken to the halfway house in Atlanta, where he shall reside until the 29th of this month. Afterwards he will serve a year of probation.

They had let him go free last week but had taken him back on suspicion of conducting “unauthorized business” on his tour bus, which was apparently a violation of rules regarding his release.

I’m glad that Tip is finally out so he can get back to making his music. Personally he is still one of my favorite rappers, despite his past mistakes. I mean yeah, I was pissed when I heard he had went back after his one year sentence was served last year. However, we all make mistakes & I am no one to judge. But please Tip, don’t go back again over some dumb s**t!!

Oh, here’s a classic T.I. video. One of my favorites…

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Troy Davis’ Innocence Still Questionable?!

Alright, so I know many of y’all have heard about the Troy Davis incident. After gathering some more info from CNN I feel that he should be let go. I mean really, look at what we’re dealing with: First, 7 of the 9 witnesses back in ’89 have since then turned over there accused statements of Davis; Second, another person has come forth with reliable info on another suspect; and third, THERE IS NO PHYSICAL EVIDENCE AGAINST HIM!!! Come on, that alone should be enough to prove he’s innocent. You can’t prove for sure that Troy Davis killed police officer Mark MacPhail, plus there is possible reliable info linking another suspect to the crime. However, the courts are just gonna go off what they already have as a testimonial and leave it at that. One word: BULLSHIT. You believed the witnesses back in ’89 but now when they contradict themselves, you don’t want to hear anything else. You would really kill an innocent man? Smfh… if you have any thoughts on this, please comment and offer your opinion. I posted the link to the story on CNN’s site if you want to read it for yourselves.

-B0y Genius

Troy Davis Trial

via CNN