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The “KING” Reveals Two Possible Titles for Upcoming Album

Kill The King's Trouble
Kill The King's Trouble

Kill The King's Trouble

During a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Tip revealed the two album titles he’s contemplating on for his next release.

“The first of two album titles I’m debating is Kill the King because in all that I’ve gone through I’ve observed how people respond to my circumstances, and I always wonder ‘Why y’all coming at me like this?’ But I thought, ‘How do you expect them to act?’ Life is a game of chess and the object is to kill the king. If you anoint yourself king, you have made yourself a target. The second one is self-explanatory – Trouble.”

I definitely like Kill the King better, reason so, Akon already dropped an album entitled “Trouble” back in ’04. But I also say that he puts the two together, either make a double album, with a movie. Title “Kill The King’s Trouble.”



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