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NBA Lockout: Offer Refused

So it seems this NBA lockout will eventually lead to no season this year. The players’ union, which represents the entirety of the league players, has refused the leagues’ table offer and will file an antitrust action against the NBA. To me it just sounds like a bunch of kids who can’t have exactly what they want, so they don’t want anything at all. Compromises were made on both ends and that’s what needs to be understood. So the players might have to cut back on some of their expenses. Is that a problem? They have more expenses than any average person so they should be thankful. I understand how it is to fight for your beliefs and rights, but sometimes you’ve got to learn when to give in a little bit. In my opinion, of course. Click on the link below for further info.

-Boy Genius

NBA Lockout: Players Reject Offer

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