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Casey Anthony: Another Technicality

What is up my people? So umm… yeah this next post might shock you, make you laugh, or seriously piss you off. Take it anyway you want. It seems “Tot Mom” Casey Anthony will be catching yet another break in regards to her probationary conditions. After being cleared of murdering her daughter Caylee, she is suppose to serve a year under court supervision, during which she must have a job. However, that doesn’t look like that will be happening. I’ll let you read the details for yourself. Feel free to post any comments and thoughts below on the situation afterwards. I look forward to having a discussion with some of you.

-Boy Genius

Casey Anthony Can\’t Help Cheating the Court System Again

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College Violence

Wow… it seems there has been a campus tragedy over in Bowie, Maryland. 18 year old Dominique Frazier was stabbed to death by her roommate Thursday night at Bowie State University. Supposedly the fight began was over an iPod. No further info has been provided on the suspect.

Seriously? A fucking iPod?! Smh this is exactly why we as people cannot come together & work out our issues in a non-violent manner. Some people are so blinded by materialism, anger, hatred and selfishness. Do y’all not realize anger and hatred were some of the main causes behind 9/11, one of the most horrific incidents in American history? Smdh…

On Twitter they have created a page in honor of Ms. Frazier’s passing. To show support you can follow @MsBonnieRIP. I strongly encourage you all to do so if you have an account. I’ll post the link below. Please people, we need to work together to stop this unnecessary violence. Support the cause.

-Boy Genius

R.I.P. Dominique Frazier @MsBonnieRIP

Troy Davis’ Innocence Still Questionable?!

Alright, so I know many of y’all have heard about the Troy Davis incident. After gathering some more info from CNN I feel that he should be let go. I mean really, look at what we’re dealing with: First, 7 of the 9 witnesses back in ’89 have since then turned over there accused statements of Davis; Second, another person has come forth with reliable info on another suspect; and third, THERE IS NO PHYSICAL EVIDENCE AGAINST HIM!!! Come on, that alone should be enough to prove he’s innocent. You can’t prove for sure that Troy Davis killed police officer Mark MacPhail, plus there is possible reliable info linking another suspect to the crime. However, the courts are just gonna go off what they already have as a testimonial and leave it at that. One word: BULLSHIT. You believed the witnesses back in ’89 but now when they contradict themselves, you don’t want to hear anything else. You would really kill an innocent man? Smfh… if you have any thoughts on this, please comment and offer your opinion. I posted the link to the story on CNN’s site if you want to read it for yourselves.

-B0y Genius

Troy Davis Trial

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