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Ray-J Responds To Fight w/Fabolous

Tweet That Kicked It All Off

Ray J Vs. Fab?! Say It Ain’t So!!

Lmao!! Sorry people, I had to get that out before I continue, but damn! This had me TOO weak when I heard about it for myself. So supposedly, Ray J & Fabolous got into a little altercation out in Vegas last night. Ray was with 50 Cent, Bad Boy Diddy and Floyd “Money” Mayweather. Apparently he ran into Fab and confronted him about some “disrespectful” comments he had made about him. According to Ray, he straight up punched Fab in the mouth & Fab just fell back. WHAT?! Personally, I don’t believe that shit (excuse my Spanish) for a second. Some say Fab had headbutted him but Ray denies this statement. So Ray, you hit Fab and he didn’t do anything? One word: BULLSHIT! The reason why I say that is because Kevin Hart, who was with Fab at one point, had made some jokes regarding the situation as well, but Ray didn’t step to him because “he’s a comedian.” Instead you step to Loso, in case you ain’t know so? Smh I just can’t believe it. Anyway, I posted a video up above. It’s audio of Ray J calling into the Breakfast Club with Angela Yee, DJ Envy & C the God to discuss the incident. Enjoy!

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Mayweather Vs. Ortiz: Let’s Be Real -__-


Everybody want to talk about the Mayweather & Ortiz fight. Alright dammit, let’s talk. I saw what happened… & I didn’t see anything unfair about it. Ortiz hit him with a headbutt; fowl move. Mayweather 2-pieced his ass when his guard was down; also fowl but within legal limits. Any REAL boxer would have done the same, especially after a dude just jumped up off the ground and hit you with their head. Ortiz should’ve been on his toes. Mayweather acted quickly and took home the W. End of story.

Check out Kain Carter’s view on the situation.

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