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Cheatin’ Is Serious!!

If you’re trying to cheat on a test, watch this video. It’s full of helpful hints and tips on how to get a good grade lol.

This is just a joke. H.I.M. Ent. in no way advocates cheating. All credit goes to the creators of this video. -Boy Genius


Casey Anthony: Another Technicality

What is up my people? So umm… yeah this next post might shock you, make you laugh, or seriously piss you off. Take it anyway you want. It seems “Tot Mom” Casey Anthony will be catching yet another break in regards to her probationary conditions. After being cleared of murdering her daughter Caylee, she is suppose to serve a year under court supervision, during which she must have a job. However, that doesn’t look like that will be happening. I’ll let you read the details for yourself. Feel free to post any comments and thoughts below on the situation afterwards. I look forward to having a discussion with some of you.

-Boy Genius

Casey Anthony Can\’t Help Cheating the Court System Again

via TheStir.CafeMom