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News: 9-Year Old Suspended For ‘Sexual Harassment’

Alright, so this story really shocked me, made me laugh, and pissed me off all at once. Apparently calling a teacher ‘cute’ is very offensive and a form of sexual harassment. At least that was the case with 9-year old Emanyea Lockett. At Brookside Elementary School in Gastonia, NC, he was reportedly overheard telling one of his friends that their teacher was ‘cute’ and was suspended for 2 days after being reported to the principal. Smh. Of all the things going on right now and a grade school boy is accused of sexual harassment for admiring his teacher’s looks? Lmao GTFOH. People slay me…

-Boy Genius

One response

  1. Roy

    Its High time that the women in this country came to grips with the fact that you do everything you can to make yourslef so “cute” that we men look at you and then dare us to say anything of the sort or it Sexual Harassment. This is so out of hand it not even funny or even right anymore. Your the ones that are sexual harassing us men and you should be chartged it. We say your ” cute or anything else.” This has become so blown out of content that you are the ones that need charging or getting expelled. A 9 yrs old charged for sexual harassment and I guess you want him to have to sign in with the Sheriff’s Department in that County as a sex offender next huh. You women are pethatic. You just made me sick to my stomach.
    Sincerely Roy

    December 6, 2011 at 9:22 am

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