History In the Making

Anticipate the Beat of Songz

Alright Trey’s Angels & Trigga fans, it’s almost about that time. One of R&B’s leading male artists is hitting hard with not one, but TWO (count ’em lol) new mixtape projects, both set to be released on 11-1-11.

First up is Anticipation 2, the sequel to part 1 which he dropped back in the summer of ’09. Honestly, I felt like that should have been a legit label release. It had the potential to be a classic R.Kelly-like r&b album in my opinion. But Songz provided it for free to his faithful fans. If there are any songs like “Famous”, “Infidelity” and “You Belong to Me” on Anticipation 2, then it should definitely be worth a download.

Next we have #LemmeHolDatBeat2, the 2nd part of his rap based mixtape which dropped in November of last year. I can see why he calls himself the Instrumental Killa. Lil Wayne’s “Right Above It” freestyle with Fabolous- killed it. “SK Shit”- killed it. Freestyle to Nas’ “Hate Me Now”- murdered  it. Lately he has released freestyles to Lil Wayne’s “She Will” track off the Carter IV and Yeezy & Hov’s “Niggas In Paris” track off Watch the Throne. Don’t know if they’re going to be on the mixtape but you should check em out anyway.

I’m going to provide the links to Anticipation & #LemmeHolDatBeat just to hold you over til 11-1-11. For now, just anticipate the beat.

-B0y Genius

Trey Songz – Anticipation

via DatPiff

Trey Songz – #LemmeHolDatBeat

via HotNewHipHop

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